Rockstar Process Serving

                         Welcome to Rockstar Process Serving!

Looking for a process server in the San Diego county area? Since 2007 Rockstar Process Serving has been providing service of process in and around San Diego, CA. Specializing in all types of service of process. We serve small claims, civil suits, eviction notices, family law, etc....  With the OWNERS of Rockstar Process Serving also operating as the PROCESS SERVERS, we have a vested interest in getting the job done! All of Rockstar Process Serving's process servers are registered, licensed and bonded with the County of San Diego. Got a defendant who is HARD to serve? Contact Rockstar San Diego Process Serving today! WE GET THE JOB DONE!!! You can also check out our reviews on Google:

*** Please note that our fees may vary depending on location or type of service needed***

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